Convert innovations to business value growth
ADV LaunchPad — venture builder that helps startups transform into fast-growing businesses.
We help corporations discover and activate growth using the power of entrepreneurship and technology
We work with hundreds of startups and corporations matching the bright entrepreneurship-driven teams to brand innovation leadership and growth strategies.
Our partners
Our track record
Since late 2019 we crunched some numbers.
1000 startups

applied to our studio and have been reviewed by our team
50+ teams

teams enrolled into our intensive acceleration program
10 projects

approved by investment board and received pre-seed round
4 companies

are incorporated and ramping up revenue and client base
How we help
We co-create tangible business results sharing risks & rewards
Tech and startup scouting
Use our curated database of thousands of local and world’s most innovative startups to find solutions for key business challenges and match your business growth needs.
Our experts work with you to identify key growth drivers and build proper set of search criteria for most relevant findings.
Startup idea and team assessment
Does the idea brought by startup stack up to your business needs? Is the startup team capable of top execution?
We follow lean startup methodology to validate startup ideas and startup team execution early to save you time and resources for the top performers.
Turnkey MVP
It’s very easy to build a product no one wants. >99% of startups find that their initial ideas carry little value to clients We help teams focus on key client values and dramatically improve ROI for their MVPs.
Corporate startup builder as a service
Is your business in need of always-on innovation drive to capture new market segments and activate additional revenue streams?
Our startup builder in a box helps you qualify, educate and motivate team performance, build value-driven MVPs etc.
Team training, onboarding and consulting
At the heart of every great startup is great team. More often than not the team and the motivation to succeed are far more important than the initial idea the startup is trying to validate. Or the next one. We invest a lot in onboarding and supporting teams making sure their motivation endures.
Bespoke services
Talk to us about your specific innovation goals, needs and constraints, so we can build a highly customized solution that will fit nicely.
Meet our team
Our major asset is our team that includes experts in investments, M&A, building startups, software development and product management, legal and finance and other areas thus allowing the startups to focus on identifying the pain points and delivering valuable products to clients, while we take care of setting up and supporting a business entity.
Vadim Dyakov
Partner, CEO
Igor Perevozchikov
Partner (Integrations)
Nikita Yuriev
Business Development
Dmitry Petrov
Finance and Legal
Alexander Dmitriev
CRO (Sales)
Alexander Matveev
CTO (Tech)
Olga Glazova
Kirill Chistov
CPO (Products)
Andrey Korobkov
Program manager
Amir Rauf
Ekaterina Kapteltseva
Our focus
While we cover multitude of industries and categories our focus is driven by demand of our clients and partners and currently it’s on solutions for advertising, marketing and retail.
Tools, tech and data to improve return on marketing investment
Business intelligence and data that empower growth hacking for smart
Artificial Intelligence and robotic automation for ordinary businesses
New media and content distribution channels powered by people and tech
Hyperpersonal content that drives engagement, conversions and loyalty
Facilitating omnichannel commerce, improving CX and conversion rates
How we select startups
We don’t select startups or startup ideas.
Instead, we choose to work with the right teams with the relevant set of skills and high level of motivation.
We offer all support and resources to win or fail fast.

After applying on our website and passing initial qualification the startup teams undergo several weeks of intensive traction cycle. We continue with the teams achieving top traction.
Motivated teams
We are looking for teams that have rich expertise in segment or category and urge to found growing business and build valuable products for target client segment
Researching and understanding clients
The skills to listen to clients, to keep asking the right questions, to dig actionable insights are key.
Performance and traction
We are ready to start at point zero when the team doesn’t have revenue inflow, functioning MVP, nor brilliant idea. We’ll help create the hypotheses and educate how to properly validate them. But top execution is always up to the team.
How we work
Start with research to identify pains and needs in target segment through customer development
Discover potential solution, deliver proof of concept through target interviews, develop paper MVP
Validate solution, channels and unit economics, then scale the product and sales, raise seed round
Work in progress
In 12 months we’ve networked with hundreds of startups, 50 of them entered our program, 10 have been approved by our investment board, of them 4 are already in scaling phase.
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